RB Realty Group is a full service real estate company providing Property Management, Asset Management, and Project/Construction Management Services, as well as brokerage sales services.

Property Management:

  • Monitoring and maintenance of all day to day operations inclusive of rent collections, leasing, marketing, and cash flow management
  • State of the art web-based management system provides RB Realty Group with highly detailed updates and occurrences in real time, avoiding any delay in assessing and managing a situation
  • Coordination of on-site staffing, including proper vetting, training and oversight of property manager
  • Source and qualify vendors and suppliers, and negotiate purchase and lease agreements to ensure the best products and services for building owners
  • Monitor and maintain occupancy levels, facilitate rental rate increases, and develop appropriate marketing strategies to maximize property net income
  • Conduct monthly property inspections ensuring the maintenance and cleanliness of each property

Asset Management:

  • Provide annual operating budgets
  • Evaluate income and expense operations relative to historical property data and market trends in order to maintain the highest possible efficiency
  • Provide property updates and state of the art accounting and financial reporting on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis (as warranted by owner’s objectives and needs)
  • Provide written and verbal communication with clients as necessary, to keep up to date on market conditions and asset performance

Project / Construction Management:

  • Supervise minor and full gut renovations of individual units, inclusive of upgraded flooring, kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Prepare and execute required capital improvements such as roof repair/replacement, HVAC or boiler repairs/replacement, and building/exterior repair and maintenance
  • Provide clients with an array of vendors, already vetted and utilized by RB Realty Group
  • Manage day to day operations to ensure timely and proper completion of all projects
  • Provide continuous status and budgeting updates to clients to provide proper transparency